Add BrewMonitor® Automated Fermentation Sampling and Real-Time Data to Your Beer30™ Management Strategy

May 25, 2021

As announced in April, Precision Fermentation® has teamed up with The 5th Ingredient® to integrate data from its groundbreaking hardware-software real-time fermentation monitoring system, BrewMonitor®, with Beer30™. Now, for the first time, automatically sampled performance readings from your fermentation tank can display directly in your Beer30 brewery management dashboard.

How BrewMonitor from Precision Fermentation Benefits you

Here at Precision Fermentation, our mission is to help brewers make great product, operational, and business decisions, while also helping them to save time and cost. BrewMonitor is the world’s first comprehensive, real-time fermentation monitoring solution. It works with your existing tanks and gives you 24-7-365 remote access to your tank’s activity via seven measurements:

  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Gravity
  • pH
  • Pressure
  • Liquid Temperature
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Conductivity

Automatically sampled fermentation tank data offers not only time savings, but also increases the sheer amount of data from which a brewer can make decisions. BrewMonitor’s cloud-based system breaks through the time and effort required by centuries of traditional daily sampling, to offer both easier process and much more detailed insight into your brews, as it is happening and with minimal effort.

A Single Source of Brewing Data Truth

By itself, the new ability for remote monitoring and high-resolution fermentation analysis is revolutionary. But adding it to Beer30’s tremendous end-to-end reporting and analysis capabilities enables the world’s only “single source of truth” from which a brewer can, at a click or tap, understand all factors that resulted in a particular batch’s success or shortcomings, alongside the precise data that details the true results. In other words, the Beer30-BrewMonitor integration allows a brewer a single interface to understand both actions and results, with startling speed and accuracy.

Batch History

Precision Fermentation & The 5th Ingredient bring you a brewing industry first

As Jared Resnick, CEO of Precision Fermentation, put it, “We are thrilled to be part of another first in our industry. Accessing real-time data from the BrewMonitor Sensor Hub® from Beer30’s software suite allows brewers to track, from a single dashboard, all operational actions and ingredients that produce each batch, side-by-side with precise outcomes of these factors as data is streamed directly from inside the fermentation tank. Beer30 excels in management of all elements that go into each batch, including precise ingredient information, tank management, CIP tracking and so much more. Adding live, high-resolution fermentation data not only greatly reduces the overhead and inconsistency of manual sampling, but it also finally puts in the hands of brewery staff the ability to correlate detailed results from all brewery processes at a single glance and with high accuracy. This integration offers a leap forward in quality assurance that can have a major impact on any brewery’s bottom line.”

Pulkit K. Agrawal, founder and CEO of The 5th Ingredient, added, “With this new integration, we continue to pioneer and evolve a new wave of brewery data management software. We are committed to helping breweries #BrewBetterBeer and helping brewers take a more confident, proactive approach to their processes, rather than a reactive one. From a quality perspective, the first 3-4 days of fermentation are crucial, and with BrewMonitor fermentation data sent directly to Beer30, breweries have even more flexibility to make better data-driven decisions, powered by smart sensor technology. Beer30’s data visualization tools allow users to graph all data, identify trends and anomalies, and compare a beer brand across multiple batches. By combining BrewMonitor’s real-time data with Beer30’s robust Batch History functionality, breweries can take their grain-to-glass analysis to the next level. Whenever two of the top innovators in an industry come together, the industry wins as a whole.”

Precision Fermentation Money-Back Guarentee

Precision Fermentation offers a money-back guarantee* to make it as easy as possible for breweries to get started and see the tremendous benefits of comprehensive, automated fermentation tank monitoring. Visit to request a demo, or contact us at / 919-717-3983.

Beer30 customers who purchase BrewMonitor are eligible for a 15% discount of the BrewMonitor System.

Extended offer expires June 30, 2021.

Get started with BrewMonitor, risk free. 

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