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Traditional ERP systems are great for inventory management and accounting. However, they fall short when it comes to visibility into specific processes like brewing and quality. This is where Beer30® Labs comes in!

Beer30 Labs provides real-time data and analytics that give breweries a complete picture of their brew-to-package process. This allows brewers to make informed decisions that improve efficiency and output.

Beer30 Labs enhances visibility throughout the production process. This version of our brewery software offers extremely detailed and customizable production logs for brewing, cellaring, filtration, BBT, packaging, and quality control. Going far beyond just the basic ingredient and volume tracking in the typical ERP, Beer30 Labs empowers the brewer to track all of their process and quality parameters, from mash strike water temperature to bottling line BPM, and everything in between.

Beer30 Labs makes it easy to consistently brew to the highest standard. Variability in the production process is one of the largest sources of inefficiency for any brewery. Using Beer30 Labs, brewers can easily compare process and quality data from batch to batch, receive real-time notifications when something is out of tolerance, and make changes to drive efficiency and quality.

Beer30 Labs is a critical tool for process improvement in the brewery. With Beer30 Labs, breweries can easily track process improvement projects and evaluate their efficacy. Beer30’s recipe version control allows brewers to track multiple recipe versions as they make changes, and Beer30’s charting tool easily allows brewers to compare the performance of experimental batches to historical batches.

Flexible & Modular

Beer30 Labs is customized to fit your needs. 

  • Raw Materials
  • Yeast
  • Process
  • Batch History
  • Notifications
  • Dashboard
  • Hardware API
  • Reports
  • Charts
  • Sensory & Quality
  • Ferment Testing
  • Barrel Aging
  • Packaging Downtime

Learn How Beer30 Labs Helped
Pelican Brewing Drive a $550k USD
Increase in Annual Sales!

Pelican Brewing, located in Pacific City, Oregon, found that they could improve their process by implementing Beer30 Labs alongside their existing ERP system. This allowed them to take a deeper dive into their everyday data, where they found actionable trends and patterns that they could not recognize before.



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