How Beer30 Software can Drive Your Brewery's ROI

October 10, 2022

When it comes to being a business owner, there’s probably no term that’s more important than ROI (return on investment). Your ROI is a key performance indicator on how profitable your brewery is, and if you want to be successful then a major key to that is being profitable. Naturally, with profitability being such a major factor in a brewery’s lifespan, brewery owners spend a lot of time searching for ways to drive their brewery’s ROI.

At The 5th Ingredient, we want breweries to be successful - which is why we created Beer30 brewery management software. From material resource planning to process optimization and beyond, our software is designed to drive brewery ROI. Here’s how.

Process Optimization

For starters, Beer30 software helps breweries with process optimization. Brewers can track, chart and quickly identify variances, opportunities for improvement, and problem areas in: brewhouse efficiency, filtration/transfer yield and packaging yield. This helps improve and control brew to package yield, which results in increased output per batch and reduced COGS per BBL / L / HL.

Brewers also have the ability to analyze and understand key fermentation metrics and establish optimal cellar schedules. They are able to compare trends across batches and recipe variations including: daily gravity, daily pH, temperature, VDK, and more. This leads to a minimization of tank turn time, which results in increased overall fermentation cellar capacity and also eliminates the need for further capital investment in tanks.

Quality Control

Beer30 also captures critical quality control data check points, with real time brewing feedback and sign-offs at every step of the process. Brewers use Beer30 to identify and mitigate costly production mistakes and issues before they move further down the process and consume additional resources such as materials, time, and tank space. The software features real time proactive notifications for brewing (red / yellow / green) which allows the Head Brewer to be notified if a brew is out of specification. This gives them the ability to intervene immediately and potentially save a batch before it moves too far along in the process. 

In addition, Beer30 tracks yeast pitch, harvest, and propagation data and yeast genealogy from batch to batch. Using Beer30, brewers can easily develop a yeast management program to maximize repitching generations and minimize fresh pitch costs. Simultaneously, brewers can identify fermentation issues, such as lagging fermentation or under-attenuation, and proactively phase out a problematic yeast strain to prevent issues in subsequent batches. 

Inventory Management & Materials Resource Planning

Need help with inventory management and/or material resource planning? Say no more. With Beer30, brewers can use MRP to develop just-in-time purchasing processes for raw materials and packaging supplies. This results in: minimized cash and warehouse space tied up in excess inventory, minimized losses due to expiration of raw materials, and minimized losses due to obsolescence of packaging materials from phased-out or seasonal brands.

In addition, with Beer30’s real-time inventory visibility and future inventory forecasting, brewers can make accurate purchasing decisions to ensure operations run smoothly while keeping cash flow in check.

Cost of Goods Sold

Another area in which our software can help improve your brewery’s ROI is with Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). Beer30 offers access to exact COGS for each brand and pack type, which allows brewers to gain visibility into profitability of each SKU that the brewery sells. Brewers can identify individual SKUs with high costs and opportunities to reduce cost with recipe optimization and adjust prices to ensure an attractive margin. By tracking COGS from batch to batch, Beer30 can be used to identify shifts in COGS over time and adapt your purchasing, operations, or pricing strategies. 

Time Savings

As the old saying goes: “time is money.” Beer30 can help breweries save time in a variety of ways including:

  1. Brewers can easily reference a single source of truth for brewery operations management, with instant visibility into inventory, tank statuses, fermentation profiles, and more.
  2. You can keep all team members up to date and working productively with task management and real time notifications within Beer30. 
  3. Eliminate time intensive double entry of purchasing and sales data using Beer30’s accounting integration with QuickBooks Online or Xero. 
  4. With 2-click excise tax reporting, Beer30 allows you to streamline monthly data collection and eliminate manual calculations.
Sales and Distribution

Last but most definitely not least, our brewery management software can help with sales and distribution. With real-time brewery inventory that is easily accessible and mobile friendly, your Sales Team members will know exactly what and when beers are available. This means that your team: will never miss a sales opportunity due to unclear inventory availability or production timeline, can minimize overcommitments and confidently work through backorders when they occur, and have smooth transitions between seasonal or limited release brands.

Brew More, Brew Better

At the end of the day, our goal is to help your brewery become as successful as possible. Our software was built for brewers, by brewers - so we really nail down the pain points that breweries face. If you’ve been searching for an all-in-one brewery software management system that will help you save time, increase profits and brew better beer, then schedule a Beer30 demo today!

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