The Best Software for Brewery Stocktake & Inventory Management

December 20, 2021
With the End of Financial Year stocktake approaching, use this month to integrate with Beer30 and make sure your brewery is in order for Start of Financial Year 2022.

Stocktake and inventory management varies from brewery to brewery…but not much! Nearly every brewing professional has stress inducing memories of all-hands-on-deck floor counts, or poring over spreadsheets and stacks of physical invoices, assorted emails and other records.

So, with the EOFY right around the corner that means three things:

  1. You and your brewery staff are making that last big push to close out the financial year strong
  2. You're starting to see the light at the end of the FY2021 tunnel
  3. It's about time for the dreaded End Of Financial Year (EOFY) stock-take

A Typical Brewery Stock-take Story

Monotonous, haphazard and a drain on a business' resources... it's an annual headache that takes precious time away from the all-important processes of producing, selling and growing your business. The more haphazard a brewery's inventory management and oversight processes are throughout the year, the greater the chances you'll encounter discrepancies. Which would prolong the already lengthy process as you and your staff work to get to the bottom of things. Yet, for so many breweries, their inventory management processes leave a lot to be desired.

And it makes sense. In most cases, all brewery personnel are constantly busy. They are simply doing their best to keep up with the everyday business of producing, packaging, selling and distributing beer. Those crucial tasks leave little time for keeping exacting records of inventory and cost of goods. There's no shame in it; that's just the way it is. We get it, and we know you do, too.

However, that's where Beer30 by The 5th Ingredient comes in. As you do your stocktake for the EOFY, it's the perfect time to start fresh with a brewery management system that will keep your books in order for the Start Of Financial Year (SOFY)!

A Beer30 Brewery Stock-take Story

Beer30 makes it easy to track the onslaught of data breweries need to keep track of on an everyday basis. We're not just talking about brewing ingredients like grains, hops, yeast and adjuncts. You'll always be up to date on packaging materials including: cans, bottles, crowlers, growlers, kegs and labels. You'll also know where you stand, not only with finished products, but the beers fermenting in your cellar. Beer30 gives users crystal-clear visibility over work-in-process products in tanks.

Do a full stocktake of your inventory, making end-of-financial-year reporting a breeze. There is nothing more frustrating than the end-of-financial year/start-of-financial year inventory management. That's why The 5th Ingredient built an easy-to-use inventory management system built with the brewer in mind. Don't get locked out of your brewing software ever again. Become a legend with Beer30.

Beer30 allows real-time tracking of material usage and tank inventory across an entire brewing facility or even multiple facilities. This makes it a single, reliable point of truth where your business' inventory is concerned. Not only will you know where your money is at all stages of your business, you'll also save money by saving time and energy. Which then leads to increased efficiency, reduced workloads and a load of unnecessary stress.

Best of all, the wealth of information Beer30 tracks will always be just a simple keystroke away and available in multiple at-a-glance formats. Our software allows you to export data and break it down in any fashion you'd like so that you can analyze it to suit your specific needs.

This includes the ability to get a snapshot of inventory management and COGs data for a particular timeframe down to a single date.

This is particularly useful as you prepare year-end financial statements or even the end of each month. Our craft beer software also provides stock-movement reports. Therefore, brewers can see what inventory items have been added over any customizable time span.

By getting Beer30 integrated at your brewery for the SOFY, you'll also be able to get your bookkeeping in order with the seamless sync of items from Beer30 into either Xero or QuickBooks Online!

Though we are speaking to Beer30's assets in the context of EOFY reporting, this is just one way in which our software can save breweries and their personnel major time, money and frustration. We have designed it as a tool to be heavily used and relied upon on a daily basis to: streamline operations, simplify workplaces, reduce workload and ensure accuracy to a degree that no other brewery software can.

The ways in which Beer30 can assist your brewery and its employees is vast and multifaceted. It would be our pleasure to set up a call and take you through a demo of what our software can do for your brewery.

If you're ready to learn how our brewery management software can help you, schedule a demo today!

Brandon Hernández is a contributing writer for The 5th Ingredient. He is an award-winning journalist and founder of San Diego Beer News LLC, an all-in-one online resource on San Diego's craft-beer scene. He can be reached via email.

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