Finished Goods Traceability

Better Traceability, Better Profitability

March 11, 2024

We're excited to announce that the new Finished Goods Traceability Module is here!  This innovative update to Beer30 software transforms inventory management, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction for breweries. Enhancing the existing "Sales Traceability Module," this upgrade introduces comprehensive tracking capabilities.  Now, you're empowered to closely monitor cases and kegs of finished beer on a per-batch basis. With each batch brewed, you'll gain deeper insights into traceability, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), and detailed batch histories, enabling even greater control over your production process.

The new Finished Goods Traceability Module helps breweries:

  • Ensure their beer is being distributed as fresh as possible
  • Track the true cost of goods on a per-item and per-batch level
  • Set a target cost of goods for each brand and package type
  • Quickly track products in case of a product recall
  • Easily meet local compliance and HACCP accreditation

Here’s what’s new with the Finished Goods Traceability Module.

Keeping It Fresh 

As a brewer, you know that the fresher the beer, the better. Breweries almost always try to follow First In, First Out (FIFO) for packaged goods. In theory, this works great, but in practice, tracking it accurately can be difficult. As new products get stacked in front of older products, and “First In” products end up hidden away in the back of the coldbox, keeping track can become difficult. 

With Beer30’s new Finished Goods Traceability module, First In, First Out is easy! Breweries can implement FIFO logic for batch codes in their software system and ensure beers are aged appropriately and delivered to customers at their freshest.

With the new update, First In First Out methodology will automatically be applied as you enter in products. No more manual data entry and tedious logging!

Find Your True Cost of Goods Sold for Every Batch

Beer30's new proprietary batch trace functionality goes beyond traditional tracking systems. It incorporates the overall output of beer blending, transfers, filters, and packaging losses into an accurate Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) value for each brand AND batch number. This new update gives breweries precise insights into the true cost of their beer products on a per-item and per-batch basis.

The Finished Goods Traceability Module provides the exact COGS value for all of your finished goods. This update displays the exact COGS value for all of your packaged products in real-time, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to optimize profitability.

Set Realistic Goals and Then CRUSH Them

Setting goals at your brewery without the appropriate data can be a crap shoot. If you don’t have a tangible benchmark of success, your targets can be too great, in which case, there’s no point in even having a goal – What good is a target if it’s completely unattainable? This can discourage brew teams and lower morale. On the other hand, if your goals are too low, you’ll be missing out on potential profits by not striving for greater success. 

With this new update, breweries can set realistic target COGS for each brand, by comparing their actual COGS against their target standards. This empowers brew teams to evaluate the effectiveness of their processes and identify areas for improvement.

Track Products in Case of a Recall

Picture this: you’ve established relationships with distributors all throughout the region, sales are up, and everything is looking good. Just then, you get a call from your keg manufacturer – the latest batch of kegs has a defect. You know the one you just distributed 50 BBLs of your IPA in? Yep, that one. 

While product recalls will always be a bummer, the new Traceability Module makes dealing with recalls simple. With detailed batch tracing capabilities, breweries can quickly identify the exact locations and recipients of products in the event of a recall, enabling swift and effective response measures.

This new update gives you even greater peace of mind than before, with the power to track batch numbers. This makes it simple to find products in the case of a recall and set things right with your distributors. 

Meet Local Compliance

Taxes can be a pain and depending on where your brewery is located, your local compliance can be even more of a challenge. Keeping track of financials and maintaining accurate reporting is extremely important from a business perspective, but can keep you from spending time doing what you want – brewing beer. 

With the Finished Goods Traceability Module, integration with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks Online and Xero ensures seamless syncing of COGS values to the General Ledger, providing accurate financial reporting and compliance. Easily keep track of transactions and reduce the time you spend maintaining compliance with the new Finished Goods Traceability module and get back to brewing more beer. 


If you have any questions about Beer30’s new Finished Goods Traceability Module, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask! Talk to the Beer30 sales team or book a demo today

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