serving craft beer

Best Temperatures for Serving Craft Beer

You’ve put all of the effort into crafting the perfect brew. So, you may as well make sure you’re serving it properly to achieve the ideal drinking experience. After all, craft beer serving temperature is important to make sure that the beer

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beer trends

5 New Beer Trends That are Here to Stay

There is no denying that 2021 was an interesting year that followed an even more interesting 2020. It has had massive and above all, devastating effects on the craft beer industry. Although, far fewer breweries have ended up closing than initially predicted.

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beer30 for seltzer brewing

Brewing Techniques for Seltzer

Hard seltzer is everywhere. Commercials, billboards, your local grocery store aisle…You name it (within reason) and there’s probably a trace of seltzer there. It’s pretty easy to state that this is a trend in the brewing industry that shouldn’t be expected to

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