Brewery Software that Your Accounting Team Will Love

December 23, 2021
Beer30 was built with the brewer in mind.

It is designed to be a user friendly, easy-to-manage craft beer software. Our main goal is to help breweries save time, increase profits and brew more.

As part of our customer centric approach – we are always getting feedback from brewers using our system, to see how they’re going.

Based on the feedback from so many breweries over the last year, we have spent time entering a new chapter of our software where we now integrate in with 2 of the world’s most popular accounting platforms, Xero and Quickbooks.

This is exciting because each brewery can now have a seamless sync of their data directly from Beer30 into QuickBooksOnline and Xero! This integration works for both receiving items (i.e. purchase orders) as well as items sold (i.e. sales orders / tax invoices).

By integrating directly with item codes and chart of accounts, we are able to help make sure that a brewery’s balance sheet, income statements, and bank reconciliations are accurate!

Imagine all your raw material and packaging inventory and sales and distribution information automatically syncing across to either Xero or Quickbooks saving you or your bookkeeper hours of time. We’ve already integrated dozens of Beer30 customers with their Xero/QBO accounts and it’s crystal clear that this is a super epic addition to our rapidly expanding Beer30 software!

Benefits of syncing your accounting software with Beer30

Simply put – our integration with Xero and Quickbooks Online is designed to make your life easier.

Get your time back

Paper logs, spreadsheets, and multiple systems of information lead to inefficiencies and error.

Systems like Xero and Quickbooks Online give you the gift of real-time cost accounting on your income statements, balance sheets, and chart of accounts. While Beer30 tracks the movement of your products and inventory in real time, the accounting software tracks the expenses.

Syncing your systems reduces double-entry accounting – as there is no need to enter data into Beer30 then again into Xero or Quickbooks Online.

Beer30 sends through payable transactions for payment and reconciliation as you receive stock. This includes costing invoices!

All of these features save you valuable time.

Streamlined communication

If you’re able to give your bookkeeper or accountant access to your Xero/Quickbooks account, they can see all the data that syncs over from Beer30. This means everyone is always on the same page, saving time sending emails back and forth – and reducing error.

Beer30 updates Xero and Quickbooks Online in real time. This means you get instant visibility into all your stock movements – right down to the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet level.

It also means operations in your company are transparent. Anyone who has a login with appropriate permissions is able to access the information – and with Beer30’s unlimited user feature, this means you can grant access to whoever you need.

Our integration also means you can take your business with you, wherever you go. Everything in Beer30 is entirely mobile, tablet, and laptop friendly,

You can easily pull up Xero or Quickbooks Online when you’re visiting suppliers or customers and place an order or even check on whether they have an outstanding invoice – or whether the account is within terms.

Make tax time easy (or, at least, easier!)

Syncing your systems is an easy way to monitor and report financial data.

Our reporting functionality makes tax time simple. With all your data syncing between the systems, you won’t have to hunt through the filing cabinet or files on your computer for information on inventory or batches. You can use the reports in Xero or QBO to help consolidate the information that is necessary for your financial reports.

Value for Money

Beer30 can be added to your brewery within two 90-min live training sessions. You can see customer testimonials here on how quickly other breweries have been able to get up and running with Beer30! With the accounting integration with QBO or Xero, you can achieve all these benefits for an additional small monthly modular cost – and no start up fee.

Plus – being a Beer30 client means you have the added advantage of having a support team at your fingertips. Our team can provide training and support you need, to ensure everything is set up correctly.

How does the Xero and Quickbooks Online integration work?

Without going into all the technical details – you hit a button. And it happens.

That really just about sums it up.

All costs are added into raw material and packaging supply inventory seamlessly, as soon as the items arrive onsite. When someone goes to brew or package, Beer30 takes the full landed cost and puts it into the cost of the beer.

It is similar for tax invoices (sales orders) – Beer30 takes the finished products and finished quantities/discounts/other goods – and puts those on the invoice. This can then be synced to instantly create orders and track what’s being delivered.

Once the Beer30 directory is set up and the items are mapped together with the accounting platform, you can sync your information, by hitting a button.

The most important thing to note here is – you have control over the information that is brought across, You can choose to sync what you want, when you want.

Time for Change

While spreadsheets, paper logs, and whiteboards are adequate – and sometimes a comforting process – don’t you think it’s time to move your business to the next phase?

We think it’s time for change, and now that Beer30 can be synced directly with your Xero/QBO accounting software, you will know the details of that change, down to the last penny.

Syncing your accounting software with Beer30 makes growing and scaling easier.

Having this data at your fingertips can make a big difference when it’s time to make important business decisions.

And that’s what we’re here for – to help you grow and succeed.

So please get in touch if you have any questions – or learn more about Beer30 if you’re interested in our system.

We would love to hear from you.

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