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How Your Mates Brewing Saved $100,000 AUD Using Beer30

Starting out, Your Mates Brewing Co. was just a couple of guys brewing beer and trying to run a business, who as COO / CFO & Director, Christen McGarry says, “had no idea how to do so”. Needless to say, there were many roadblocks on their journey, and the team had to figure things out as they went along.

Like many brewers, the team at Your Mates Brewing Co. struggled with keeping everything organized. The team was looking for brewery software that could help them organize their inventory, manage their scheduling, and utilize their data to calculate accurate material resources and they needed it fast.

With Beer30 by The 5th Ingredient, Your Mates Brewing Co. was able to onboard and get running in just 24 hours and start organizing everything under a single source of truth. The team was able to consolidate the majority of their operations to be managed with just a few clicks, reduce their labor costs, and improve efficiency by a jaw-dropping margin – about $100,000 AUD per year to be exact.

Penn Cove Brewing

How Penn Cove Brewing Company Saved Up To 20 Hours of Labor per Week by Using Beer30

When Penn Cove Brewing Company expanded operations they quickly found a need for Beer30® software by The 5th Ingredient®. The team needed brewery software that could help them organize their inventory, manage their scheduling, and consolidate their data to highlight the areas where logistics could be optimized and labor could be reduced.

With Beer30, Penn Cove was able to manage everything under a single software. From recipe creation to inventory management, the team consolidated the majority of their operations to be managed with just a few clicks. Beer30 helped Penn Cove reduce the amount of time spent on task management and data tracking from 4 to 5 hours per day to just 4 to 5 hours per week. That’s a savings of up to 20 hours per week!

Frog Alley Brewing Co

How Frog Alley Brewing Co. Used the Beer30 Production Suite to Scale by 1,000 Barrels Per Year

Frog Alley Brewing Co.’s history is deeply rooted in the city of Schenectady in New York State. In 2020, however, the brewery decided it needed to give its operations a twist of modernity by utilizing Beer30 brewery software by The 5th Ingredient. With a beautiful brewing facility, the leadership team at Frog Alley knew they had the ability to increase their capacity, but they lacked the organization to really ramp things up.

Beer30 software helped the Frog Alley team track lots, keep real-time inventory, store recipes, and get a bird's eye view of historical data. Having a better organizational structure and easy-to-read data on real-time processes helped the team tremendously. Since starting with Beer30, Frog Alley Brewing Co. has been able to increase its production by about 1,000 barrels per year.

Pelican Brewing Testimonial

How Pelican Brewing Used Beer30 to Optimize Production and Drive a $550K USD Increase in Annual Sales

Pelican Brewing, located in Pacific City, Oregon, utilized this modular flexibility and found that they could improve their process by implementing Beer30 alongside their existing ERP system. This allowed them to take a deeper dive into their everyday data, where they found actionable trends and patterns that they could not recognize before. As a result, they were able to optimize batch sizes and tank turn times, resulting in a substantial increase in the brewery’s capacity, without spending a penny on physical equipment. The added beer production enabled an increase of $550,000 in sales over the span of 1-year.


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