Improve Brewery Communication with Custom Tank Stages

April 3, 2022

When you’re working in your brewery, do you have a whiteboard that serves as the means in which you communicate to your team about all the different stuff that’s happening across your tank farm? If so, that can be a little bit problematic.

Did you know that Beer30 features a custom tank stages functionality? This allows you to actually communicate better with your team in a more granular way. And you don’t even need to be in the brewery! Learn more about custom tank stages by reading the blog below, or scroll to the bottom to watch a video!

Beer30 Custom Tank Stages

When you open Beer30 software, you’ll find the dashboard and the tank farm.

You’ve got your uni tanks, fermentation vessels and bright beer tanks. Let’s say that when looking at tank number 1, there’s about 68 BBL of Indian Brown Sugar Ale. It’s currently fermenting away. Now, one of the issues that this beer has is that we don’t know if it’s been dry hopped or not.

If you click on tank number 11, you can see a fermentation chart. But what you can’t see is if this beer has been dry hopped or not. So this is where custom tank stages can really make a difference in your brewery! Custom tank stages allow you to set up specific messages related to a certain part of production.

So for example, whether it’s in brew mode, the tanks empty filtration, bright beer, ferment, whatever it happens to be, you can set up a custom tank stage. We have more good news, too! The custom tank stages are really easy to set up.

Setting Up Custom Tank Stages

To set up custom tank stages you’ll need to click on your name. From there, go to tools and all the settings will appear and you’ll find one that says custom tank stage. You can set up stages based around bright beer, the tank being empty, ferment, or whatever you desire!

For example, let’s say we’re going to set up a custom tank stage called ready to dry hop, which is related to the ferment module. You’ll just select ferment as the stage type and go ready for dry hop (R 4 D H is the abbreviated name) and select a color – let’s go with green.

Then you’ll add the tank stage and all of a sudden the tank stages have been created! From there what you can do is go back into the dashboard and click on tank 11 with the Indian brown sugar ale. Then you can select a custom stage called ready for dry hop and hit save. You’ll notice that the green color that was configured for ready for dry hop above appears.

In addition, you’ll see there’s a little zero in brackets just after it. What that does is it = tells you the number of days in which that tank the custom stage ready for dry hop has been applied. So for example, in this particular application if you have a tank of beer that’s been marked as ready for dry hop and it’s been like that for 14 days but it still hasn’t been dry hopped, then the head brewer can raise some questions with the team about what’s going on. In easier terms, with custom tank stages you basically eliminate the need for whiteboards or a paper trail in your brewery!

Some brewers have put televisions on the wall in their breweries to show the Beer30 dashboard. Another cool thing is that Beer30 is mobile responsive! So, you don’t even need to be in the brewery to see the custom stages of the tanks that are in your brewery. This makes communicating with your team easier and more efficient.

All-in-One Management Software for Breweries

Could your brewery’s communication efforts use a little improving? Beer30 brewery management software has you covered! Schedule a demo with one of our reps to learn how you can start brewing more and brewing better.

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