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Getting Started with Bucha30? Here are Four Steps to Setting Up

July 20, 2021
So, you’re considering Bucha30 as your brewery management system – but wondering what the startup process involves?

Whether you are switching from another software or finally making moves to implement a data management system for your brewery, we know that the process can seem daunting. Will it be difficult to get started? How long will it take?

We’ve all heard the stories of long, difficult, and tedious software implementations that span months and are still not fully functional or embraced by the team.

Well, we decided to change that, and specifically for Kombucha breweries! After we built Beer30, we then decided to make a new system focused on the kombucha breweries, and The 5th Ingredient Launched the World’s First Software for Kombucha Brewers.

Our goal is to make the process for starting up with Bucha30 so incredibly straightforward that you can be up and running within a day and a half (and if you don’t believe us, keep reading our client testimonials and quotes below!) This is a massive difference from the multiple weeks to months of implementations you may experience with other brewery software.

And the best part, all of our customers spend $0 on onboarding fees when implementing Bucha30!

Since Bucha30 is completely modular, customers have the flexibility to switch fully into Bucha30, or can choose to only use Bucha30 for brewhouse and quality data tracking, SCOBY health, fermentation and pH curves, while keeping their existing ERP/MRP system in place for finances. This makes Bucha30 a great fit for any brewery, and a win for any team!

In just four easy steps, you will be up and running in Bucha30:

  1. Setting up your brewery
  2. 90-minute Bucha30 training session
  3. Start using Bucha30!
  4. Further training (as needed)

And we will be there, by your side, to walk you through!

Bucha30 was a real game changer for our business. Having the history of that continuous brew right there, being tracked at all times is invaluable. I can see every action that’s been done with it and the information is easy to read. When you have a continuous brew it’s easy to let it go for a couple of weeks. But when you have this software tracking its quality, you can see the data and it encourages you to take action. And it links with inventory and accounting, as I can see the associated cost of harvesting the SCOBY and repitching the SCOBY. Bucha30 also makes it really easy to go back and look at brews - and do analysis of flavors and taste and how it fermented out. It encourages us to constantly look at ways to increase quality and figure out what’s working - and what’s not. thing I know I’ll struggle to find anywhere else is the responsiveness of The 5th Ingredient team. If I have a question and I’m sweating it out at 10 o’clock at night, stressing about a problem - they are there. I don’t know how much sleep they get! But the response time is generally 15 - 20 minutes. There really isn’t anything that can replace the value of this kind of service.

Tommy Weaver, Co-Founder & Brewmaster

Dr Hops Kombucha

California, USA

Step One: Setting up your brewery

The first step is as easy as filling out our easy onboarding form, which will then get your Bucha30 system up and running within minutes!

The form will help us customize Bucha30 for you by asking you to detail three key areas:

  • kombucha brewery volume units (BBL / HL / liters / gallons)
  • daily measurement units such as temperatures (deg F, deg C), gravity units (plato, specific, Brix), weights (kilograms, pounds), DOs, and pressures
  • tanks (Mother Tanks, UNIs, FVs, BBTs, LAGs, SCOBY Brinks)

You’ll also be able to add other users as well as their permission levels. A key benefit with Bucha30 is the access to unlimited users per license!

What really blew us away was the speed of implementation. 24 hours from decision to go with Beer30 and we had loaded our inventory, stock, what was in our tanks and set up for packaging. Then 36 hours after decision, we were brewing with the support of Beer30.

Dave Ward, Co-Owner & Head Brewer

Aether Brewing

Queensland, Australia

Step Two: 90-minute Bucha30 Training Session

In our live training session, we will walk you through the brewing process and how it works in the Bucha30 system.

It’s important everyone is on the same page for the software to work to its full potential, so your entire staff is invited to attend. This is where we show your team all the ins and outs and how to accomplish their everyday responsibilities in Buca30!

We will go through all the key tools for your brewery, thoroughly covering steps like –

  • adding ingredients (base sugars and teas, hops, adjuncts, and SCOBY)
  • onboarding – understanding how to brew with Mother Tanks and harvesting and repitching SCOBY
  • creating recipes
  • adding packaging supplies
  • taking a brand new batch from brew day, to daily ferment readings, transferring or filtering into a brite tank, adding in new flavor ingredients, completing packaging runs
  • batch history for full tea-to-glass analysis

At the end of this training session, you will feel confident about operating Bucha30 on your own and can start removing paper logs, whiteboards, and spreadsheets at your brewery!

Implementation was simple… We did an hour or two training session with Pulkit and our management team then sat down our brewers for a lunch & learn and by the end of it our people felt proficient enough to hit the ground running. Initially we purchased iPads to help our crew keep information easily accessible but within a week most of them preferred to use their phone due to the simple user interface.

William Glass, Founder
The Brewing Projekt

Wisconsin, USA

Step Three: Start using Bucha30!

Following our comprehensive training session, you will be ready to start using the brewery management software to transform your business!

Once you login to your Bucha30 account, you will be shown our onboarding wizard, which breaks down onboarding into five easy steps – define base sugar & teas, define hops, define adjuncts, define SCOBY, onboard tanks. That’s it!

Five Easy Step Onboarding Wizard in Bucha30.

This process doesn’t require you to go back through months worth of data – we’re not interested in digging through that.

Instead, this onboarding process is a snapshot in time of your current situation. It is the inventory you have on hand, and details of what is in your tanks, right this minute.

Tank Onboarding in Bucha30.

Say goodbye to paper logs and see everything in real time.

The guys at Beer30 told us that integration would be quick & easy, and it actually was. We’ve moved almost all Brewhouse planning & management into Beer 30. It allows comprehensive management in just a few minutes. All tank monitoring, QA/QC, transfers, yeast management & batch tracking are unbelievably quick & easy. Also, B30 has an unbelievably cool charting tool, that allows quick access to trending across styles, brands and a myriad of other brewhouse data points. It’s easy and intuitive, and makes decision points clear & simple.

Martin G. Bills, Director of Brewing Operations

Pelican Brewing

Oregon, USA

Step Four: Further Training (as needed)

We take training and development very seriously. Afterall, we gauge our success based on the success of our customers!

There are HEAPS of Bucha30 modules built to improve your brewery that can be added at any time. And the best part — training is at no additional cost! If you’re someone who likes to sink their teeth into training, reach out and we’ll set up another video call to dive in further.

For example – we have a training session dedicated to the sales, distribution, and accounting side of Bucha30. With this, we help you integrate Bucha30 with either Xero or QuickBooks Online, saving you hours of administration time.

Our other sessions walk you through all the tools that Bucha30 has at your disposal and show you how to use them.

However, these are all optional. You may prefer to ‘learn on the job’, by diving in and picking up processes as you go. The sessions are just there if you need them.

The easy onboarding process and seamless integration to QuickBooks Online is, and has been, a great time saver. We have been able to eliminate several manually updated inventory spreadsheets. Now we can get the same information with just a couple of clicks in one software program.

RJ Tursi, Founder & CEO
Exile Brewing Company

Iowa, USA

Secret Step Five: Ongoing Customer Support

Oh, you’re still reading! That’s great, because this is the best part. Like everything at The 5th Ingredient, we have a secret 5th step — ongoing customer support!

We don’t just set you up and send you on your way.

We are there for you, if ever an issue should arise.

We communicate through WhatsApp, so you will have top-notch support right at your fingertips. Our response times can be as quick as a few seconds to a few hours, providing immediate support.

Throughout the onboarding and now as we use it we have instant customer support via a WhatsApp chat or quick call and despite our 18 hour time difference we have immediate support throughout our day (when do they sleep lol?) Customer service is absolutely top notch which is a rare commodity in today's world.

Mic Heynekamp, Owner

Eddyline Brewery

NZNelson, New Zealand

Our customer support is one of the key elements that makes The 5th Ingredient and our Beer30 and Bucha30 products unique, and one that we pride ourselves on holding to the highest levels of standards. But you don’t need to take our word for it – hear it directly from our customers.

Germán Schilman, Owner
Corazón de Malta SA DE CV
Jalisco, Mexico

Are You Ready to Start?

Like what you’ve read so far? We hope we’ve convinced you on just how easy it is to get going with Bucha30!

With a few hours of integration, watch as you can now track all of your data, from tea-to-glass.

You can manage your inventory with ease.

View your brew log and fermentation data with the click of a button.

And, of course, by assessing the true cost per can, bottle, or keg of kombucha, you will be able to better understand your overall margins and make real-time business decisions to help your brewery be better.

We are invested in your success. We want to see our customers reach their goals.

Get in touch to start your Bucha30 journey. You could be just days away from starting the process to increase your efficiency and focusing in to #BrewMoreBucha and #BrewBetterBucha, with Bucha30.

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