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Beer30 Partners with GP Analytics 

Beer30 by The 5th Ingredient Combines VIP Depletion Through the Craft Portal by GP Analytics to Provide an Integrated Supply Chain Solution for Breweries

28 December, 2022


The 5th Ingredient® is pleased to announce our working relationship with VIP, Vermont Information Processing, Inc., and GP Analytics in the delivery of an integrated system to deliver simplicity for craft brewers and their distributors. 

The end result delivers an integrated forecasting and demand planning solution to help supply chain execution between Beer30® by The 5th Ingredient and the Craft Portal by GP Analytics.

Beer30 is all-in-one brewery data management systems that make it easy for businesses to use their data for real-time process improvement from grain-to-glass. With Beer30, breweries can focus on scheduling and task management, raw material and package supplies inventory with lot traceability, yeast genealogy, process data analysis (brewing, fermenting, filtering, conditioning, packaging, sensory, lab quality), sales and distribution, barrel aging, COGS analysis, real-time notifications, KPI tracking, and more. Beer30 integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Online for an accounting sync, along with other integrations with other hardware partners.

The Craft Portal is a secure online B2B ordering and forecasting platform for the craft beverage industry. Using The Craft Portal for all sales to flow through helps our partners stay organized, better plan production, and maximize sales opportunities.

The first brewery using this new integration is Kona Brewing Hawai’i. Nathalie Carisey, the Director of Supply Chain has stated, “I use VIP, GP, and Beer30 to try to balance supply and demand each and every day. In simple terms, it’s knowing what we need to brew and ship, by when. In this setup, VIP has all of the data for sales to retailers and inventory information, GP gets me my forecasts and sales orders, and Beer30 gets me the supply side of things including the production plan. It’s been critical to what we’re doing every day to make sure we can build a master production schedule that we can execute to. In terms of how we get these systems together, for me it’s been a lot of manual data pulled to be able to get that information into one place to do the work that we need to do. The integration between Beer30 and GP, with the VIP data pushed into GP, has made that a lot easier for us to be able to do this balancing of demand and supply each and every day.”

Beer30 and GP Analytics are both members of the VIP Collective, which includes software vendors, technology companies, professional services and systems integrators. Collectively, these solutions are designed to expand the reach of VIP customers by supporting a ready to use engagement model. VIP’s wide reach of customers has created a unique network of solutions. The VIP Collective is more than a marketing alliance or a partnership program, this ever expanding group of companies share a passion to create new capabilities for VIP customers. 

“As a member of the VIP Collective, The 5th Ingredient continues to expand the value we provide breweries. We are driving initiatives to bridge industry gaps in supply chain and logistics tracking, and are using data to connect efforts of the production, sales, and logistics teams,” said Pulkit K. Agrawal,  Founder & CEO of The 5th Ingredient.  “Kona Brewing Hawai’i is our first major success story for this integration, and we’re looking forward to replicating this with many other breweries!”

If you’re interested in learning more about this integration, please reach out to, fill out this Demo Request Form and visit our website with more details on this integration.

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