GP Analytics

The integration between Beer30® by The 5th Ingredient® and The Craft Portal from GP Analytics creates a seamless ordering and forecasting workflow between the brewery and distributors. With GP Analytics integrated with VIP data, logistics team members at your brewery will have distribution data readily available.

  • Through The Craft Portal, distributors can see real-time inventory availability at the brewery from Beer30
  • Distributor orders placed online through The Craft Portal will automatically sync to Beer30
  • The brewery production team can manage order fulfillment directly from Beer30 

With the Beer30 + GP Analytics integration, brewers can harness the power of Beer30’s production planning tools coupled with GP Analytics’ forecasting tools to drive sales and ensure supply and demand are in balance, all while eliminating time-consuming double-entry and manual data manipulation.

Integration fees apply when integrating softwares.

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gp analytics

Case Study With Kona Brewing.

What Customers Are Saying.

"I use VIP, GP, and Beer30 to try to balance supply and demand each and every day. In simple terms, it’s knowing what we need to brew and ship by when. So VIP has all of the data for sales to retailers and inventory information, GP gets me my forecasts and sales orders, and Beer30 gets me the supply side of things including the production plan. It’s been critical to what we ‘re doing every day to make sure we can build a master production schedule that we can execute to. In terms of how we get these systems together, for me it's been a lot of manual data pulled to be able to get that information into one place to do the work that we need to do. The integration between Beer30 and GP, with the VIP data pushed into GP, has made that a lot easier for us to be able to do this balancing of demand and supply each and every day."
Kona Brewing Testimonial



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Brewery Management Software

Beer30® software provides a fully customizable modular solution that helps breweries track data from grain-to-glass in real time.

Choose from features such as scheduling, brew logs, fermentation tracking, inventory forecasting, sales & distribution, and so much more.

By removing the paper logs that go into daily data tracking, like brew sheets and fermentation profiles, you can enter process data in real-time on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop and focus on brewing consistently quality beer.

Bucha30 Software

Kombucha Brewery Management

Understand the costs that are associated with base sugars & teas, hops, and adjuncts.

Have the ability to rebrew into a mother tank and follow fermentation curves for months to years.

Analyze the health associated with harvesting your SCOBY, and add that to the overall COGS for that particular brew!

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