Top 5 Reasons Why Brewers Love Using Beer30

Top 5 Reasons Why Brewers Love Using Beer30
Our friends at Aether Brewing.

People often ask us - 'how did Beer30 come to be?'

'Where did you get the idea?'

The answer is pretty simple.

Our team members have 15+ years of experience working at, consulting for, and providing services for breweries!

We know what it’s like to have to rely on paper logs. We know it’s essential to track each and every ingredient and all Cost of Goods Sold.

And most importantly, we know how valuable this data is for your daily business operations.

Brewers were in need of a software that intuitively tracked their brewery production - as well as inventory management, brew log & fermentation data, finished goods inventory, accounting integration, and sales & distribution.

So that’s how we started - by designing a brewery management software that started with our experiences but has grown with feedback from all of our customers.

What started as an idea has turned into a complete game changer in the brewing industry.

Latchkey Brewing

'Beer30 is a new approach to software, designed for a new approach to making beer and running a brewery. Over the past year, Beer30 has grown up with us…. It is far and above any other option on the market and continues to evolve.'

California, USA

But don’t take our word for it - we have reviewed feedback from our customers to determine the Top 5 Reasons Why Brewers Love Using Beer30.

1. Software made with the brewer in mind

This is the center of everything. It is essential for you, the brewer and your love of crafting a quality, consistent, and profitable product, each and every time.

We understand what it takes to work in a brewery and to build something from the ground up. When we developed our software, we focused on the areas that mattered to you, the brewer - as you are brewing and planning the beers.

Our software is centered around your processes in the brewhouse from fermentation to packaging.

And since we know that no two breweries are exactly the same, all process inputs are entirely customizable by the brewer!

Beer30 ensures that the processes you use to create a quality product, every time are logical, and easy to use.

We started with the actual brewery process (the base system) and then built out the system from there.

Aether Brewing

'Its brewery side features are brilliant, intuitive and comprehensive. The brewing page is clean, easy and pushes us for all the brew specifications we defined - which means more testing, more critical specifications met and more consistency in our product.'

Queensland, Australia
Exile Brewing

'The ability to have live inventory values at all times and at all levels of our beer production is game changing. The new COGS and batch tracking capabilities gives details we’ve never had on how our margins are performing and where we can improve our processes, as well as improves quality by giving us the resources to precisely track the life cycle of our beer from the brewhaus all the way to our distributors.'

Iowa, USA
Pilot Project Brewing

'Being able to track brands by batches has allowed us to determine where to alter ingredients, distribution prices, and the overall brewing process with clear cut calculations. We can better track in-house product vs. distribution and with our own clientele base help make decisions on all relative facets.'

Illinois, USA

2. A seamless experience from grain-to-glass

Many software systems promise a seamless experience from start-to-finish… from grain-to-glass… but we actually deliver.

Beer30 is modular in design, this means you can start with the base system and then build out and expand into what you need as your business grows -- or you can start with all the bells and whistles to support your current model/brewery size.

This modular approach means it is critical that each component when added on, continues to ensure everything works as a whole. It is important to us that you can easily transfer from the brewery process, to lot traceability, to sales traceability, to sensory and quality, and back again - without becoming frustrated with any step along the way.

Beer30 Software Modules - Sign up for a demo today! Beer30 Software Modules - Sign up for a demo today!

You shouldn’t need to grab the spreadsheets out again in frustration that things are not coming together when driving software. We know how important it is for your management reports to sit side by side with your brewery processing information to ensure that all data you need to track your performance is housed together.

Additionally, we want you to have everything you need at your fingertips - whether you are working from a tablet, desktop, or from your phone!

This is just a sample of what many clients tell us about their experience of working with our software.

Pals Brewing Company

'What I love about Beer30 is the ability to graph any data from a single brand across multiple batches with just a few mouse clicks. It also saves me countless trips to the file cabinet when I’m doing my month end beer costs and inventories.'

Nebraska, USA
Chandlers Ford Brewing

'I love the depth of data that I can provide at my own discretion on a recipe. The flow of materials and process is super simple and makes tracking a breeze. A few brews in and I was very familiar with how things move throughout the system.'

Alabama, USA
The Brewing Projekt

'Other programs we tried lacked intuitive programming and we’d have brewers struggling to do even simple tasks because of glitches or programming errors that could not be easily fixed. Luckily after seeing a few other brewers mention Beer30 online we set up a time to check it out with Pulkit and we haven’t turned back…. Having more data is always better than less and Beer30 is helping us collect relevant data points in a way that we were NEVER going to be able to accomplish using spreadsheets or even paper logs.'

Wisconsin, USA

We know you won't continue on the path to transforming your brewery business data into cost savings, unless the entire process works as it should.

3. Quick ROI - Save time and money with Beer30

Time -- the one thing none of us seem to have enough of on a daily basis.

That - and, cash, in many cases!

While we can’t extend the day beyond 24 hours, we can assist you to maximize those 24 hours via improved processing - saving you both time and money.

This could be as simple as connecting your accounting software to your brewery management system (we currently connect to both Xero and QBO). Or it might be something more complex like allowing you to quickly prepare your USA Brewers Report of Operations or AUS / NZ excise tax reports within a click of two buttons for start and end date!

As a cloud based system, your team can quickly access what they need, wherever they might be to help with the decision making processes in real-time. We are device and platform agnostic, so you don’t need anything special to work with our software.

Beer30 being used at Bryggverket, in Sweden. Beer30 being used at Bryggverket, in Sweden.

So, how does this play out in the real world?

This is what some of our clients have to say about how Beer30 has saved them real operator hours and money in their breweries.

Market Garden Brewery

'As soon as I discovered the capabilities of Beer30 to help us manage process flow and data sharing within our brewery it was a no brainer to switch over from Orchestrated Beer. After only a few short weeks we began to see the cost savings in time and materials from this cloud based solution. The process insights have empowered our entire team to be plugged in to real time data and make efficiency driven decisions to grow our business and profitability.'

Ohio, USA
Eddyline Brewery NZ

'Since Beer30 tracks every batch from grain to glass it knows the ABV per batch which it then tracks into the packaged product. When a sale is made it is invoiced through Beer30 and then synced to Xero while tracking the sale for the excise tax return. Now instead of spending 3-4 long days tracking sales and correlating each sale to the ABV and volumes it is literally a 2 click process and more importantly our confidence level is very high that there are ZERO ERRORS! The cost savings is realized by labor savings alone.'

Nelson, NZ
Exile Brewing

'The easy onboarding process and seamless integration to QuickBooks Online is, and has been, a great time saver. We have been able to eliminate several manually updated inventory spreadsheets. Now we can get the same information with just a couple of clicks in one software program.'

Iowa, USA

4. Get up and Running on the Same Day

As data advocates, we are big believers that good data in, means great data out. So when designing our system we wanted to make the process of getting started with Beer30 was easy to do, reliable and fast - so you can start analyzing your brewing processes almost immediately.

This is why we have a quickstart onboarding process. In fact, you can get up and running immediately after our 60-min start up session. And, the best part, it’s completely free!

We know how important it is that not just you, but your team can get working with Beer30 as quickly as possible. There is no point if only one person in the organisation is the only one who ‘knows how to use everything’.

Plus, we also know that when working with a new system, a really quick win means that everyone will get on board with a new way of doing things much faster - meaning you will get access to more meaningful data faster.

Beer30’s Tank Onboarding Page. Beer30's Tank Onboarding Page

This is one of the areas that we love hearing feedback about the most - how quickly new Beer30 users can get up running.

Often people stick with an inadequate system for far too long, as they remember the pain of transitioning to that system in the first place. There is also often a concern that learning a new system will take far too long and people will resist and go back to their spreadsheets.

We know it was a concern with these clients, before they took the leap to Beer30, only to have their fears blown away by results.

Aether Brewing

'What really blew us away was the speed of implementation. 24 hours from decision to go with Beer30 and we had loaded our inventory, stock, what was in our tanks and set up for packaging. Then 36 hours after the decision, we were brewing with the support of Beer30.'

Queensland, Australia
Your Mates Brewing Co.

'We tried unsuccessfully to onboard with other inventory systems due to long winded on-boarding processes. After making the decision, we had on-boarded and were brewing within two days and haven't skipped a beat since.'

Queensland, Australia
Pelican Brewing

'Having just recently gone through a long ERP system change that took months, the implementation time for Beer30 was night and day. New database was up within hours and had most information (recipes, ingredients, data trackers) entered in a couple days. At the size we are currently and still growing this was a massive help for adjusting to another new system.'

Oregon, USA

5. 24-7 Support you can Count on

Of course at the end of the day with any software system it is the ongoing support, upgrades, and reliability that people want on a daily basis.

This is where we believe we excel over the competition -- you work weekends & holidays… so do we!

Our promise of a seamless experience, extends to our attitude to customer support.

You work beyond the normal 9-5 and so do we!

We also have a support team online and available 24/7 when you need it.

With customers all over the world, our support regime follows the sun.

We know many of you work crazy hours and so if you have questions at those times, we understand how important it is to be able to access experts when you need them.

Beer30 offers 24/7 Customer Support - You Work Weekends & Holidays... So Do We! Beer30 offers 24/7 Customer Support - You Work Weekends & Holidays... So Do We!

We also regularly communicate to our current customers updates via our software, email, WhatsApp group chat, and Facebook group the “Beer30 Legends” to keep you aware of what we are working on and where we are headed, but more importantly, to listen to what you are working on and where you are headed.

The 5th Ingredient team is 100% focused on our customers.

Below is just a sample of how we do that.

ONCO Fermentations, Inc.

'The ease of use and hands on guidance, training, continuous updates based on client feedback, and support by this company has blown us away.'

New York, USA
Silver Branch Brewing

'The team at Beer30 has been incredibly responsive to our needs and it feels like we're partners, not just a customer. It's a better system for doing things brewers need to do and it's nice to know that we can get excellent support. The guys at Beer30 don't just help us fix a problem or send us to online support articles, they actively work with us to discuss workflows and help identify how to use Beer30 to reach our goals.'

Maryland, USA
Eddyline Brewery NZ

'Throughout the onboarding and now as we use it we have instant customer support via a WhatsApp chat or quick call and despite our 18 hour time difference we have immediate support throughout our day (when do they sleep lol?) Customer service is absolutely top notch which is a rare commodity in today's world.'

Nelson, NZ

Find out for yourself

We all know - brewers are often juggling ten different problems at any one time.

There is so much you need to track. You need software that can help you be more efficient - enabling you to #BrewMoreBeer and ultimately, #BrewBetterBeer.

We thought we just leave this final word here.

Slow Pour Brewing Company

'With so much going on with brewing operations, it’s giving us visibility into what we have in every tank at any point in time. It also allows me to schedule out tasks for my team for the upcoming week. I get notifications via text and email as tasks are completed based on settings that I have provided. I’ve also given an account to each of my sales team so that they can login and see what we currently have available for distribution sales as well. This has allowed them to be more agile been in the field dealing with accounts and being able to tell them that they can have Brand XYZ. We operated for a year and a half without the software and I wish we had purchased this a lot sooner.'

Georgia, USA

If you’ve been reading all these (very kind!) words from our customers and resonating with their problems - get in touch.

We would love to work with you!