The 5th Ingredient® + iControl

Key Benefits

The integration between Beer30 and iControl enables self-distributing breweries to streamline their sales workflow from order creation all the way to payment collection. By eliminating manual double entry of invoice data, brewery sales teams get more time back in their day to focus on what really matters – selling more beer.

iControl Integration Benefits for Self-Distributing Breweries:

  • Using Beer30’s 1-click report for your delivery data, easily extract data from Beer30 into iControl’s required file import format.
  • Bulk upload deliveries from Beer30 to automatically create all of your invoices in iControl.
  • Leverage iControl’s payment portal to connect with more retailers, automate payment collection, and streamline payment reconciliations.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I was really hesitant to switching to B30 - it was hard for us as a small brewery to justify the cost of a brewery management software when what we were doing with Google Forms / Sheets was working fine. If it isn't broke, why fix it, right? Well, after making the commitment, the customer service and responsiveness from the B30 team have been nothing short of amazing. For me, knowing that everyone on the B30 team has the same passion for our industry as we do makes it easy to talk to them about the problems that we are facing and what they can do to make the software better. One of those issues was wholesale payments through Fintech/iControl. What used to take our team hours to process through transactions now can be completed in (I literally just counted) 9 mouse clicks. Once the orders are closed out and delivered, I simply run a report, upload to Fintech, and hit submit. It's been a game changer for us. Very clearly our old system was broken, because what used to take hours, now takes (quite literally) 60 seconds). Now if I could just get them to comp. me a few months of service for this testimonial 😉

The 5th Ingredient

Ready to ditch the old-school methods of paper logs, whiteboards, and spreadsheets? Tired of trying to juggle multiple software systems to find a single solution that fits your process? Do other brewery software systems feel more like they were built for accountants rather than the brewer?

You need to talk to us!

The 5th Ingredient develops all-in-one brewery management systems that makes it easy to use your data for real-time process improvement.

Reach out for a free software demo and see how to #BrewMoreBeer and #BrewBetterBeer with #Beer30 or #BrewMoreBucha and #BrewBetterBucha with #Bucha30.

Brewery Data Management Software

  • Track all process data to ensure full traceability from grain-to-glass.
  • Understand the COGS behind each batch and better analyze your profit margins.
  • Perform sensory and VDK analysis on a daily basis, along with many other quality checkpoints.

Kombucha Brewery Management

  • Brew into the same mother tanks and track fermentation profiles over months and years.
  • Understand the way your SCOBY health is doing as you harvest and repitch into new brews.
  • Track inventory for base sugars and teas, hops, and flavored tea adjuncts.