Meet the CX Team

August 28, 2023

Our Customer Experience team works hard to make sure our customers have the support that they need. We wanted to take a moment to introduce the team for those of you who may not know them already. 

So, what sets us apart and makes The 5th Ingredient’s Customer Experience (CX) team an industry leader in the Brewery Management Software space? 

  • A passion for the craft that comes from experience in the craft
  • Our diverse backgrounds and skill sets
  • Our broad responsibilities
  • Our global bases

We’re hose draggers, valve turners, brewery managers, and community builders! We’ve donned boots and goggles for 3:30 a.m. mash-ins, worked canning lines, underlet stuck mashes, managed inventory, filed taxes, and set production schedules. We know the challenges you face because we’ve faced them. Our respect and gratitude for the work that you do comes from a place of experience. That makes us uniquely suited and motivated to help you overcome your challenges and find solutions so that you can Brew More and Brew Better with Beer30. 

CX Specialist Rachel connects her Knockout line at Oozelfinch Beers and Blending
Lindsy Greig
CX Specialist Lindsy hard at work on an early morning shift at Stomping Ground brewery

Sr. CX Specialist Dave, prepping brinks for a yeast harvest at 49th State Brewing Company

Head of CX Gabi Swider along with the Pink Boots Las Vegas crew host Lisa White of White Labs

Meet The Team

Lindsy Greig

Lindsy Greig is our Australian-based CX Specialist. Lindsy’s love of beer first took her to New Zealand in 2016 to manage a craft beer bar before making her way to Australia in 2018, where she spent five years at Stomping Ground Brewery in Melbourne working her way to Cellar Lead and Senior Brewer. She is a Certified Cicerone and National Coordinator of the Australian Chapter of Pink Boots Society.
One of Lindsy’s favorite memories from working in the beer industry was meeting Dr. Ron Beatson, the man behind Nelson Sauvin and so many other incredible New Zealand hops.

I moved to New Zealand in 2016 knowing little about the country EXCEPT it was the home of Nelson Sauvin hops (#beernerd). By early 2017, I was visiting the facilities at NZ Plant & Food Research and got to participate in a hop rub of new varietals with Dr. Ron who at one point jokingly told me that I should take his job. Joke or no, that moment gave me confidence in my sensory abilities - especially when it comes to identifying hop aromas and flavours compounds. I recently ran into Dr. Ron in New Zealand (while there with The 5th Ingredient for Brew NZ) and he remembered me from that hop session 7 years ago.

Lindsy with Dr. Ron Beatson

Rachel Howard

Rachel Howard is our East Coast-based CX Specialist. Before joining T5I Rachel spent six years at Oozelfinch Brewery in Hampton, VA, working her way up from Lab Tech to Head Brewer, and eventually to Chief Operating Officer. At Oozelfinch, Rachel was also a customer of Beer30’s. Rachel’s experience as a Beer30 customer, combined with her time developing brewery lab programs, running packaging lines, and heading brewing operations make her extraordinarily well-suited to helping you through any challenges you face.

Among Rachel’s favorite memories in the brewing industry is traveling with her production and management team to a blueberry farm in North Carolina where the team spent the day hand picking blueberries for a future barrel-aged sour blend release.

David Short is our Alaskan-based Sr. CX Specialist. Dave is certified in brewing technology through the Siebel Institute of Technology, a Certified Cicerone, and joined the team after more than a decade in the brewing industry working every role on the production floor and as a Brewmaster and Production Manager.

Dave Short

The Cellars below the historic Schlenkerla brewery, with Brewmaster Martin Knab

“One of my favorite memories in my time in brewing came just after we won a Gold Medal at World Beer Cup in 2018 for our Smoked Marzen. A few months later a couple of us from the brewery had the opportunity to travel to Bamberg, Germany and visit the iconic Schlenkerla Brewery, who I still hold as the best smoked beer brewery in the world. We were able to take a private tour with their recently retired Brewmaster, Martin Knab. Touring the cave cellars and having Martin pour us all varieties of rauchbier off the lagering tanks was something I’ll never forget.”

Gabi Swider is our West Coast-based Head of Customer Experience. Gabi brings a unique and important perspective to our team with a Master’s Degree in public policy and a passion for community building. While leading customer-focused teams for technology companies professionally, she joined the beer world at the grassroots level, spending time homebrewing and beer blogging. In 2019, she used her public policy background to help push forward a critical bill for Texas craft breweries

Gabi Swider

Gabi with Bob Pease

“In 2019, I was working at several different breweries in Austin, TX while the Texas Craft Brewers Guild was championing their "Beer-to-Go" bill pushing Texas to become the final state in the country to legalize take-home sales from manufacturing breweries. Since I'm very passionate about both public policy and craft beer, I really enjoyed getting to tell our brewery patrons about the bill, and rallying the local tech scene to support the bill via a statewide hackathon project to support the Guild's lobbying efforts. When Beer-to-go sales from Texas' manufacturing craft breweries became legal on September 1, 2019, it was a huge victory for the community I'd grown to love, and I'm proud to have been able to contribute a small part to making that happen.”

To Learn more about our CX team, visit our Team page.

What We Do

Responding to customer questions and feedback is a large part of what we do, but providing a great Customer Experience goes beyond answering emails and WhatsApp messages. Our team spends much of their time:

  • Creating Knowledge Base articles and training videos
  • Providing customer onboardings and ongoing trainings
  • Analyzing customer feedback and feature requests
  • Interfacing with our Product team to help further develop Beer30 and Bucha30 for a more enjoyable experience
  • Providing quotes and demonstrations for premium modules
  • Testing and providing feedback on new product features 
  • Mapping, analyzing, and strategizing the customer journey to see where improvements can be made

There For You When You Need It

Part of being the industry leader in Customer Experience isn’t just what you bring to the table, but when you bring your expertise to the table. In our case, that is pretty much at all times. Our remote team coordinates to strategize and collaborate through Daily Stand Up Meetings, but predominantly we work independently in order to let our remote work culture be a strength for our customers as we cover time zones from around the globe.

Lindsy comes online in the morning in Melbourne, Australia allowing her to provide primary support to Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. She is also able to provide morning support for our European breweries and afternoon support for our West Coast North American Customers.

Rachel comes online in the morning in Virginia providing primary support to our East Coast and Central North American Time Zones, as well as Central America and any late afternoon support needed in Europe.

With Gabi on the West Coast and Dave in Alaska, we are able to provide primary support for our West Coast and Mountain Time zone customers, as well as the early morning hours for Australia and New Zealand.

Being a remote company is not just a nice perk for T5I employees, it is also a unique advantage for our customers and helps make us an industry leader. Having CX Specialists located across the globe allows us to find solutions for you when you need them. 

If you're not a 5th Ingredient customer and want to learn more about Beer30 or Bucha30 brewery software please book a demo and find out more about how you can get great support from our CX team!

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