Refer a Friend Referral Program.

Terms and conditions.


Referrer: $250 USD Virtual Visa gift card 

Referee: $250 USD Virtual Visa gift card 


To qualify: 

  • Your referral must be submitted via the referral form on 
  • Your referee must not already be a Beer30® or Bucha30® customer at the time of the referral form submission.
  • Your referee must sign up for Beer30® or Bucha30® and complete their Brew Process Onboarding within one year of your referral form submission date. 

Within thirty (30) calendar days of your referee’s completed Brew Process Onboarding, you will receive a $250 USD Virtual Visa gift card and your referee will receive a $250 USD Virtual Visa gift card. In order to be eligible for the promotion payouts, both the referrer Beer30® or Bucha30® account and the referee Beer30® or Bucha30® account must be open at the time the payouts are issued. 

In the event that the referee is referred by more than one Beer30® or Bucha30® customer, then The 5th Ingredient, Inc. will use its discretion to determine which referrer is eligible to receive the $250 USD Virtual Visa gift card. 

The 5th Ingredient, Inc. may terminate this referral incentive program at any time. 

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