Using Beer30 for Quality Control

Simplify Quality Control at Your Brewery with Beer30 Software

January 2, 2024

Do you dream about your beer winning awards at the next World’s Beer Cup or maybe just getting onto the stage at a local competition? To brew the next award-winning beer, you need to have quality control standards in place at your brewery. Managing and monitoring every step of your brewery’s production process can be the difference between good beer and great beer. 

Handling quality control can often be difficult but with proper analytics and monitoring from Beer30 software, you can easily keep track of every step of the process to make sure everything is up to standard. 

For Beer30 users, it’s simple to keep track of every aspect of the brewing process all in one place from fermentation, carb data, triangle testing, yeast genealogy, and more. Plus Beer30 gives you complete control of who can sign off on every step of production and offers full traceability so that if something does go wrong, doing a recall is simple. 

Quality Control Tests

When it comes to quality control, it’s important to test beer through every step of the brewing process. After all, if something goes wrong you need to know about it before moving to the next step. You’ll need to keep track of things like fermentation levels, carb data, yeast genealogy, and of course taste. With the right equipment, you can easily monitor your beer through each step. If you utilize Beer30, you can easily monitor everything in one place. 

A good data management system creates transparency within the process. This will help identify why that last batch of beer was one of the best the brewery has produced. In addition, it will list what steps can be taken to replicate the results. Decisions can be made to improve a beer based on empirical evidence, rather than anecdotes and assumptions.

Not only does Beer30 come preloaded with several quality control measures, but you can also custom-define different aspects you’d like to include. For example, let’s say your brewery has an alcolizer and you want to collect the ABV and current specific gravity from the alcolizer, you can set this up all in Beer30! 

To learn more about setting up quality control tests in Beer30, watch this video from The Rockstar Brewer Steve “Hendo” Henderson. 

Fermentation Tracking: A Symphony of Precision:

Fermentation is the heartbeat of brewing, where sugars transform into alcohol, and flavors begin to take shape. Beer30's fermentation tracking feature allows brewers to monitor this critical process with unparalleled precision. Real-time data on temperature, yeast activity, and gravity provides invaluable insights, enabling brewers to optimize fermentation conditions, ensure consistency across batches, and ultimately produce beers with balanced flavors and aromas.

Integrations with brands like Fermecraft, PLAATO, Precision Fermentation, and Fermecraft Beer30 users get the most up-to-date fermentation information presented in an easily digestible way. This lets users see exactly what went wrong or what went right with a brew. 

Yeast Genealogy: Unraveling the Flavor Tapestry:

Yeast plays a pivotal role in shaping a beer's flavor profile, and Beer30's yeast genealogy feature offers brewers a powerful tool for understanding and managing this crucial ingredient. 

With this tool, brewery workers can record the results of yeast analysis. More importantly, they can add as many additional fields as they want to track with custom fields like cell counts, generations, and viability as it is brought in or harvested from a tank.

Our brewery software also generates yeast genealogy trees that are filterable and searchable by brand, batch, dates, and yeast strain.

The branches of these trees include the chapters in your yeast’s story. For example, you can log stalled fermentations that require an additional pitch or any number of anomalies that may occur.

The Beer30 genealogy trees show you how each parent and child node are interconnected for true traceability.

We also understand that many brewers like to mix and match different strains in beers so Beer30 lets brewers do yeast substitutions and add in different variations from different brinks or pitches while knocking out a beer. 

Release Checkpoints

Imagine you’ve finished brewing your beer and everything seems good to go and ready to package. The new rookie brewer decides everything looks good and decides to start packaging your beer. The only problem is, the carbonation levels are too high. Now you have a whole batch of beer that explodes when customers open it, and a huge mess on your hands…literally. 

With release checkpoints on Beer30, you can decide who has the ability to move things forward and who doesn’t. This way you can only give decision-making power to experienced team members. 

With Beer30, you can set checkpoints before going into fermentation, before moving a beer to a bright beer tank, or in a bright beer tank before you’re ready to package. You can also elect to make certain information mandatory before moving forward. This will force users to check various quality control aspects, like ABV, CO2 Carb, and more. 

This also allows you to keep your team accountable in case something does go wrong. You’ll know  who was responsible for moving forward with each step. To learn more about release checkpoints in Beer30, watch this video from The Rockstar Brewer Steve “Hendo” Henderson. 

Carb Data Management: Mastering the Fizz:

The right level of carbonation is a defining factor in the sensory experience of beer. Beer30 simplifies carb data management by providing a centralized platform for tracking and analyzing carbonation levels throughout the brewing process. By fine-tuning carbonation to meet specific style guidelines, brewers can create beers with the desired mouthfeel, effervescence, and overall sensory appeal.

Triangle Testing: Refining the Art of Sensory Evaluation:

Even with all the tests in the world, if a beer tastes bad, it’s not going to work. That’s where triangle testing comes in. 

Sensory evaluation is a vital piece of quality control in brewing, and Beer30 takes it to the next level with triangle testing. This method involves presenting a taster with three samples—two identical and one different—and challenging them to identify the odd one out. Beer30 facilitates the organization and documentation of triangle tests.

This way you and your team can detect subtle variations, and ensure that each batch of beer aligns with the intended flavor profile.

True Traceability 

Okay so despite all of your checkpoints and data, you may still run into the nightmare scenario – a recall. It's a headache, but with Beer30's traceability, you've got a secret weapon. This tool doesn't just keep tabs on your brews; it practically gives you a GPS for every batch.

If the unfortunate happens, Beer30 lets you play detective in record time. The Sales Traceability Module gives you the power to track all the finer details of actual batch numbers, as your warehouse team loads orders onto a truck.

This will help keep track of product locations in the event of a product recall.

If you’re not properly tracking these batch numbers, the most that you know is that a particular brand went to a location, but you would need to reach out to each account to see if they have that actual batch number. By having the team assign batch numbers to each order as it’s loaded, you will be able to assess immediately the extent of damage in case of a product recall.

If you’re not using Beer30, you can still track these batch numbers on a spreadsheet, or even hand-write them onto the official printout copy! But using our Beer30 Sales Traceability module tells you exactly which raw materials were used for each batch - and exactly which location that batch went to - all at the click of a button.

Ensure Quality Control At Your Brewery

As you can see, with Beer30 award-winning beer is just around the corner. If you’re interested in learning more about Beer30 and how it can help manage quality control, please reach out and set up a demo

Still want to learn more? Check out these case studies from some of our current Beer30 customers or explore our bundles and pricing

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