The 5th Ingredient® + XERO

Key Benefits

Syncing data from Beer30® directly to Xero eliminates the frustration and mistakes that come with duplicating data. The powerful combination of softwares allows users to spend more time on higher-level business functions instead of meticulous data entry.

Make Your Accountant Love You Again

Our integration process is a one-way sync that lets you track your data with Beer30 and then sync it to Xero with one click!

Getting Started Is Easy!

Onboard your data by mapping your Xero & Beer30 records.
Create records, contacts, orders, and more in Beer30.
Sync the records to Xero with one click!

Beer30 Accounting Sync

In the accounting world, there are two types of users – those who want to have a streamlined bookkeeping based on sources of truth of AP / AR, and those who want every journal entry being synced over for assets, liabilities, WIP and COGS.

Well, we listened to feedback from customers and prospective customers, and we have a super new and exciting update – we now offer two different workflows of integration between Beer30 + QuickBooks Online / Xero, giving both users the flexibility that appeals best to them!

There are two paths for data transfer between Beer30 and accounting syncs – (1) Only syncing over AP / AR, or (2) syncing over the full general ledger in your chart of accounts. See below for more details.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do Xero account codes work with Beer30 / Bucha30?

When onboarding the Xero Module, you will enter in the exact Chart of Account codes from Xero, and once those codes match, each item will be linked directly with the appropriate account!
Enter as many accounts as you like, but we recommend 3 sets:

  1. Raw Materials (grains, hops, adjuncts, yeast)
  2. Package Supplies (cans, bottles, kegs)
  3. Sales

How does Beer30 / Bucha30 link with my Xero Contacts?

During Onboarding, we will do a 2-way sync - first (1) importing all contacts from Xero into Beer30, then (2) pushing all new contacts from Beer30 into Xero. After that, all new contacts in Beer30 will automatically push into Xero.

We recommend creating all new contacts in Beer30 after the 2-way sync. In case a contact gets created in Xero first, you can always manually link the Xero GUID into your Beer30 contacts.

How does Beer30 / Bucha30 create Item Codes?

New items created in Beer30 / Bucha30 will automatically sync over into the appropriate chart of accounts.

In case an Item gets create in Xero, but not Beer30, you can always manually link the Xero GUID with the proper item in Beer30.

Can I use my Xero Credentials to sync the data?

Yes! We use Xero's OAuth 2.0 library for proper authentication. If you log out of Beer30 / Bucha30, it will also remove the Xero accounting API Connection, leading to a secure logout!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Being able to integrate with our accounting software (Xero) has been a godsend for our accounts department! Highly recommend this software!"
Since Beer30 tracks every batch from grain to glass it knows the ABV per batch which it then tracks into the packaged product. When a sale is made it is invoiced through Beer30 and then synced to Xero while tracking the sale for the excise tax return. Now instead of spending 3-4 long days tracking sales and correlating each sale to the ABV and volumes it is literally a 2 click process and more importantly our confidence level is very high that there are ZERO ERRORS! The cost savings is realized by labor savings alone."

The 5th Ingredient

Ready to ditch the old-school methods of paper logs, whiteboards, and spreadsheets? Tired of trying to juggle multiple software systems to find a single solution that fits your process? Do other brewery software systems feel more like they were built for accountants rather than the brewer?

You need to talk to us!

The 5th Ingredient develops all-in-one brewery management systems that makes it easy to use your data for real-time process improvement.

Reach out for a free software demo and see how to #BrewMoreBeer and #BrewBetterBeer with #Beer30 or #BrewMoreBucha and #BrewBetterBucha with #Bucha30.

Brewery Data Management Software

  • Track all process data to ensure full traceability from grain-to-glass.
  • Understand the COGS behind each batch and better analyze your profit margins.
  • Perform sensory and VDK analysis on a daily basis, along with many other quality checkpoints.

Kombucha Brewery Management

  • Brew into the same mother tanks and track fermentation profiles over months and years.
  • Understand the way your SCOBY health is doing as you harvest and repitch into new brews.
  • Track inventory for base sugars and teas, hops, and flavored tea adjuncts.


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